What initially struck a deep emotional chord for me about Scott’s work is his powerful, authentic, real, original voice and no-apologies approach to the REAL world desire of men and women that want to attract “the One.” There is nothing but real, honest truth and immediately implementable sound advice on how too make that a reality. As an expert in creating emotional branding … I can tell you emphatically that Scott’s advice is second to none and is so timely given that we are in the Era of Authenticity. His message is one everyone needs to read and put into action. I’m a student! Ready to step up and implement this 100%! Thank you Scott for being YOU!”

Michelle V.O., CEO & Chief Growth Officer

“What a difference one program can make! Before working with Scott and going through his Get The Guy You Want Program, I was sure of who I was and what I was looking for, only to realize I had been limiting myself to what I thought my perfect match looked like. Scott’s program taught me so much about mistakes I had been making in my dating life and opened a new realm of possibility for me by showing me that my beliefs in what a successful relationship looked like were wrong. The program has been life changing for me and I highly recommend this series to any woman serious about knowing more about herself and opening up her mind about what a healthy dating life looks like. I cannot wait for the next series so I can learn more!”

Desiree Holt, Houston, TX

“Scott answers the age old question that great minds and generations have pondered – What do men and women want that they don’t share with each other. His 15+ years of documented dating experience combined with extensive research and applied knowledge in everything from advertising and relationship psychology to the sciences of attraction and creativity add much insight to this complex and often foreign subject matter – “the opposite sex. In addition to being point on with what it takes to win a guy’s heart, Scott provides simple steps to implement these strategies. He presents the cliff notes version with conciseness and in an easy to consume format. His articles, books and training materials are a must for any female whether single, in a relationship or married. And I see a lot of content… I am brutally honest. Scott rocks and so can you!”

Tanya Stockton, Founder & Chief Publishing Partner, Published Unleashed

“To those out there who are having questions about the nature of dating, I think Scott has some very unique insights into how it all works. After years of dating, I have been pretty much desensitized to the games and weirdness that goes on in the single world. I know what I want, and I’m very goal oriented. Scott realized this, understood my personality and listened to me… Then suggested ways I hadn’t thought of before to approach conversations and next steps with men I was interested in getting to know. With his unique approach, Scott offers wonderful support,  direction and specific, customized tools to navigating in the often tumultuous world of dating.”

Laurie P.

“I have been a dating coach and professional matchmaker for over 15 years. I first met Scott a couple years ago and have had the privilege of working closely with him as he helped research, write and design our new dating coaching program. He has also given me additional skills to help my clients find meaningful relationships. He is very insightful, knowledgeable and brings tremendous clarity and passion to the world of male-female relationships.”

Angela Harris, Director of Client Services, MSGI

“Scott has massive knowledge in the dating and relationship coaching industry. I saw his expertise firsthand when he took the stage at an industry conference for professional matchmakers and dating coaches. His program for smart, strong, successful women is a game changer too.” — Tim Mourtazov, CEO, Co-Founder of SmartMatchApp

“I would absolutely love it if my husband pulled the car aside, turned on my favorite song and we slow danced in the parking lot! It would be like we were kids again!

Val B.P., Nashville, TN

“In all honesty, had I gone through Scott’s program when I first starting dating 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have had to go through numerous first dates and a failed engagement. Scott knows his stuff!

I’ve read all the self-help books from the “dating gurus” with PhDs and other letters after their names and they were all the same and not one of them applicable to me. Throughout Scott’s program I had several “Aha Moments” I never had with any of the others.

Prior to participating in the program, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never, ever find a love like I had with my late husband and would most likely die a single (widowed) woman – not an outlook anyone wants for themselves, but it was my reality at the time.

During the program, I found myself opening up to men that I would have not otherwise considered as a potential partner for me. As I grew in my enlightenment as result of the program, so did my “dance card.”  It was as if a whole other world opened for me and I had my pick of men wanting to spend time with and be in a committed relationship. I was like, “Holy shit, Scott, where were you and your program 3 years ago when I first started dating again?”

It’s been 2 months since I completed the Get The Guy You Want Program, and, in that time, I’ve since found a wonderful man who loves me unconditionally.  We’re crazy about each other and wedding bells will be ringing loud and clear in the very near future.

To say I’m ecstatic is truly an understatement.  Had it not been for the Get The Guy You Want program, I would probably still be looking at a bleak romantic future.  Thank you, Scott!!!!!”

Toni M., successful 50-something widow (soon to be a bride again)

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