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My mission is to show strong, independent, successful women like you
how to go from single and frustrated to getting the guy you want
faster than you ever thought possible, even if you feel like
you've tried everything and don't know what to do.  


Sound too good to be true? It's not.

My clients experience incredible dating transformations like this — fast.


"In all honesty, had I gone through Scott's program when I first starting dating 3 years ago, I wouldn't have had to go through numerous first dates and a failed engagement. Scott knows his stuff!

I’ve read all the self-help books from the “dating gurus” with PhDs and other letters after their names and they were all the same and not one of them applicable to me. Throughout Scott’s program I had several “Aha Moments” I never had with any of the others.

During the program, I found myself opening up to men I would not have otherwise considered as a potential partner for me. As I grew in my enlightenment as a result of the program, so did my “dance card." It was as if a whole other world opened for me and I had my pick of men wanting to spend time with and be in a committed relationship. I was like “Holy shit, Scott, where were you and your program 3 years ago when I first started dating again?"

It’s been 2 months since I completed the Get The Guy You Want Program, and in that time, I’ve since found a wonderful man who loves me unconditionally. We’re crazy about each other and wedding bells will be ringing loud and clear in the very near future.

To say I'm ecstatic is truly an understatement. Had it not been for Scott's program, I would probably still be looking at a bleak romantic future. Thank you, Scott!!!!!"

— Toni M., successful 50-something woman in Dallas, TX

I've also advised more than a dozen professional matchmaking companies

on how to better coach their VIP female clients to get similar results.


"I have been a dating coach and professional matchmaker for over 15 years. I first met Scott a couple years ago and have had the privilege of working closely with him as he helped research, write and design our new dating coaching program. He has also given me additional skills to help my clients find meaningful relationships. He is very insightful, knowledgeable and brings tremendous clarity and passion to the world of male-female relationships."

— Angela Harris, Director of Client Services, MSGI




And I've been a guest speaker at dating industry conferences like iDate 2018
and the Matchmaker's Alliance, where I taught professional dating coaches
and matchmakers how to better coach their female clients, too. 




At iDate 2018 in Delray Beach, FL with
Amanda Bradford, Founder & CEO of The League,
a popular dating app for sophisticated singles.








"Scott has massive knowledge in the dating and relationship coaching industry. I saw his expertise firsthand when he took the stage at an industry conference for professional matchmakers and dating coaches. His program for smart, strong, successful women is a game changer too."

— Tim Mourtazov, CEO, Co-Founder of SmartMatchApp




I love sharing my hard-won insights with my clients, and occasionally, other dating industry professionals.

But getting to this level in my career was anything but easy.

So, how did I get here?

Here's My Story

I was born and raised in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA, where I spent my "wonder years" playing tennis, riding dirt bikes, making great grades for college, traveling, and becoming Southern Gentleman.

By 26, I'd dated and won the hearts of five beautiful women, any one of which I could've proposed to and married. (I was frequently told I was the sweetest, most thoughtful and romantic boyfriend they'd ever dated.)

But I broke up with all of them because I didn't believe I made enough money. My dad was a successful dentist, and the societal pressure I felt to be the breadwinner was overwhelming. I just couldn't go there.

Then, at 32, I met a beautiful woman who was "perfect on paper" for me. She said she didn't care how much money I made. All she cared about was that I was doing my best, and that I loved her.

We dated for two years. But I broke up with her, too, because she wasn't meeting my expectations. She had amazing gifts and talents I'd never even thought to look for in the right woman for me. But she was lacking in the gifts and talents I believed she was "supposed to" have.

Confused and heartbroken, I spent the next six months analyzing and reflecting upon my 15 years of dating and relationship experience.

New insights and strange patterns began to emerge. 

For example, when I was growing up, I was always told women were great at communicating their innermost thoughts and feelings, and most men were bad at it. But it dawned on me that none of my ex-girlfriends were particularly good at vulnerable communication and expressing themselves, whereas that’s definitely a strength of mine.

When I started online dating again, I was also puzzled by the fact that all of the big cities I visited for work appeared to be overflowing with smart, attractive, financially successful women.

"Why are all these women single?" I wondered.

Something was going on, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

I came at it from a marketing perspective, and asked myself questions like:

— What do these women really want in a man?
— Why can't they find the kind of man they're looking for?
— What are their biggest dating challenges?

Then, when I least expected it, I had THE biggest epiphany of my entire life!

The traditional gender "roles" and courtship "rules" are actually KEEPING you (and men) single because they make it almost impossible for a man to successfully court you and sweep you off your feet.

Here's the REAL problem.

All of your life, you've been programmed to believe all men are alike, and all women are alike. In this false reality, there's only one "type" of man and one "type" of woman.

The TRUTH is there at least two totally different "types" of men, and two totally different "types" of women, and their innate strengths and weaknesses are completely different than what you were taught.

The #1 secret to success with men in dating and relationships (and marriage) is to understand and respect your differences, and then work together for your mutual benefit. 

But that's virtually impossible to do if you don't know which "type" of woman you are, and which "type" of man you are attracted to — due to the universal law of attraction — and how to date differently to achieve your desired outcome.

As a result, you may be unknowingly CREATING the very "man problems" and undesirable dating dynamics that drive you nuts and make you want to pull your hair out!

I know you probably think the men need to change, and there is some truth to that. But most men cannot solve these dating challenges for you because you are unknowingly creating them.

The ONLY way out of this mess is for you to increase your self-awareness and your awareness of the "type" of man you will always attract — I'm this "type" of man, so I know all about him — and then date strategically differently throughout every stage of a romantic relationship:

— Mate selection
— Online dating
— Meeting men in-person
— Flirting and exchanging numbers
— Planning your first date
— From first date to a great relationship
— Being his best lover ever
— Wowing his family and friends
— Nailing special occasions
— Engagements and marriage (if this is your goal)

I also show my clients how to avoid the most dangerous mistakes women like you and men like me almost always make once in a committed relationship (e.g. proactive relationship management).

This is key because even if you get lucky and stumble into a relationship by following the traditional courtship "rules" (which I do NOT recommend), it's almost impossible to stay together long-term if you don't understand and respect your differences.

You'll misinterpret each other's true intentions and fail to meet each other's expectations because expectations are typically based on each individual's innate strengths, without taking into consideration their partner's innate strengths and weaknesses, which may be VERY different than their own.

This needless confusion almost always leads to a painful breakup or a nasty divorce, which can actually be a blessing in disguise. Pain is a sign to STOP doing what caused the pain in the first place. A fresh start is a chance to learn from your mistakes and try something different. 

But most people don't learn from their mistakes. They blame the opposite sex and continue to believe the same things they've always believed, which causes them to date the same way they've always dated, which (shocker) gives them similar results.

Tip: It's not your fault that what you were programmed to believe about "most men" and "most women" is WRONG. But that doesn't exempt you from learning the truth and dating differently.

Fortunately, I know more about the innate strengths and weaknesses of strong, independent women like you, and men like me, than most men and women on this planet — including 30-year Ph.D.s in psychology, recent licensed professional counselors, bestselling authors, experienced dating coaches and matchmakers, religious leaders and more. (They're still teaching the traditional gender "roles" and courtship "rules" you already know don't work for you.)

When my clients discover the unconventional, but proven psychology and brain science-based concepts I teach — which make it abundantly clear how they are biologically different from the men they're attracted to and what they must do differently to achieve their desired results — their previous dating and relationship headaches all but disappear because they stop creating these undesirable situations in the first place, and they start working together for a change.

When you truly understand and respect your differences, and work together for your mutual benefit, sparks will fly, hands will be held, hearts will be won, and wedding bells will ring (if that's your goal) faster than you ever thought possible.










Seeing my clients' dating transformations, and receiving messages like this are why I do what I do.





I'd love to show you how to do the same. 

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I Can Help You If ...

— You are a competitive go-getter in your career, so you’re financially successful. Or you’re working hard and you are determined to get there. But the men you attract often aren’t as ambitious, organized or as “take charge” as you. Or their lives seem chaotic and out of balance, and that turns you off.

You are looking for your equal. You want a dynamic man who’s a lot like you in many ways, just with “different parts.” But no matter where you look, you can’t find the kind of man you’ve been dreaming about. At least, not one you’re sexually attracted to. It’s driving you insane because you know you’re not getting any younger, but you refuse to settle.

You get your fair share of attention from men, so getting a date isn't a problem. But going from first date to a great relationship feels so much harder than it should be. You should have the easiest time finding, meeting and keeping a strong, independent, successful or stable Mr. Right because you are a strong, independent, and successful or stable Ms. Right.

You are willing to consider you could be unknowingly creating the "man problems" and undesirable dating scenarios that make you want to pull your hair out. You're ready to try something totally new and different that works!

You recognize the extreme value of discovering in 8 weeks what took me more than 25 years to piece together, and being empowered to find, meet and keep a man you truly desire faster than you ever thought possible.



Here's my official bio. 

Scott McDougal is a male-female attraction expert, a professional writer, speaker, matchmaking consultant, and dating and relationship coach who shows strong, independent, ambitious women how to meet and keep their Mr. Right faster than they ever thought possible.

He's the author of several dating and relationship ebooks for men, and the co-creator of another dating coaching program for single men and women, which he wrote for a client in the professional matchmaking industry.

He has also written professionally for dozens of big brands like Capital One, Delta Vacations, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Sam's Club, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, and UNICEF.

Note: Some people have a hard time making the connection between dating and marketing. But "dating" is merely a label used to describe one application of a variety of skills, such as marketing yourself to the opposite sex, strategic communication, creative communication, personal presentation, social psychology, writing or texting, authenticity, vulnerability, thoughtfulness, and "Creative Seduction." He teaches all of these skills to his coaching clients.

Scott graduated from Texas Christian University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication, and from Miami Ad School Atlanta @ Portfolio Center in 2011 with a graduate degree in Advertising Copywriting (Creative Communication).

He currently resides in the great state of Texas.

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