Scott McDougal
is a professional copywriter for advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies; a thought leader and change maker regarding gender psychology in dating and relationships, and beyond; author of several ebooks and training materials on writing and strategic communication, chivalry and romance, behavioral psychology and personal development. Scott graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication, and from Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center with a graduate certificate in Advertising Copywriting. He believes we each have unique callings and purposes in life, and that we owe it to ourselves and to the world to trust our instincts, push through any fears and insecurities, and make our ambitious dreams come true.

Copywriting Clients | Brand Experience

  • Direct Response: AWAI, Early to Rise, Agora
  • Publicis Dallas: Terminix, TruGreen | Raising Canes
  • Rockfish Digital: Sam's Club, P&G, Nutro, White Cloud, Strayer University, Regs Salons
  • JCPenney: Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler, Michael Graves Design
  • Florida Singles, Nebraska Dating, Toronto Matchmakers, DFW Professional Singles
  • Freelance: Box, Cree, Navisite, VMware, Capital One, Delta Vacations, AT&T Business

Testimonials from Marketing Clients and Colleagues 


"I know Scott Mcdougal well and have worked with him on a number of marketing projects. He is a talented writer who is an absolute pleasure to work with, and refreshingly free of hype, ego, or arrogance." —Bob Bly, Direct Response Copywriter, Author of 85+ Book



"Scott is more than a writer ... the term is overused these days. You see, you simply have to be more. Today it's about the thinking, the ability to understand the brand and the innate knowledge of knowing how the space works. Scott has that, and then some. Anyone looking for a strategic copywriter needs to take a look at Scott — Lord knows I would." —Tyler Pierce, Creative Director, Writer, VIRTUE Worldwide


"I worked with Scott for a couple of years and found him a seriously talented professional writer. He's made of himself a connoisseur of marketing and an authority in the realm of dating and matchmaking." —Tom Davies, Creative Director, Designer



"Scott was able to immediately grasp our brand and make recommendations that were insightful and on target. He provided multiple options on headlines for many of our high profile projects and helped other writers with creative concepts. He is a deep thinker and enjoys discussing ideas. He is also energized by creative challenges but was also willing to pitch in and help out with production work when needed." —Judy Dworschak, Manager of Creative Services, Delta Vacations


"Working with Scott is always a big plus since he brings so much creativity and thought to the table. He is easy to get along with in every step of the deadline process and puts so much time into proper background research. We will continue to use his services and look forward to our next project together." —Lori Haller, Owner, President, Designing Response




Testimonials from Coaching Clients and Colleagues


"Scott has massive knowledge in the dating and relationship coaching industry. I saw his expertise firsthand when he took the stage at an industry conference for professional matchmakers and dating coaches. His program for smart, strong, successful women is a game changer too." —Tim Mourtazov, CEO of SmartMatchApp



"I have been a dating coach and professional matchmaker for over 15 years. I first met Scott a couple years ago and have had the privilege of working closely with him as he helped research, write and design our new dating coaching program. He has also given me additional skills to help my clients find meaningful relationships. He is very insightful, knowledgeable and brings tremendous clarity and passion to the world of male-female relationships." —Angela Harris, Director of Client Services, MSGI


"What a difference one program can make! Before the program I was sure of who I was and what I was looking for only to realize that I had been limiting myself to what I thought my perfect match looked like. Scott McDougal’s program taught me so much about mistakes I had been making in my dating life and opened a new realm of possibility for me by showing me that my beliefs in what a successful relationship looked like were wrong. The program has been life changing for me and I highly recommend this series to any woman serious about knowing more about herself and opening up her mind about what a healthy dating life looks like. Now, a year later and I am engaged to a man that I probably wouldn’t have chosen before the program based on what I thought my ideal man looked like but I’ve never been so happy in a relationship and I am so glad the program showed me what true love looked like." —Desiree


"In all honesty, had I gone through Scott's program when I first starting dating 3 years ago, I wouldn't have had to go through numerous first dates and a failed engagement. Scott knows his stuff! I’ve read all the self-help books from the “dating gurus” with PhDs and other letters after their names and they were all the same and not one of them applicable to me. Throughout Scott’s program I had several “Aha Moments” I never had with any of the others. As I grew in my enlightenment as a result of the program, so did my “dance card." It was as if a whole other world opened for me and I had my pick of men wanting to spend time with and be in a committed relationship. I was like “Holy shit, Scott, where were you and your program 3 years ago when I first started dating again?" It’s been 2 months since I completed the Attract The Man You Desire Program, and in that time, I’ve since found a wonderful man who loves me unconditionally. We’re crazy about each other and wedding bells will be ringing loud and clear in the very near future. To say I'm ecstatic is truly an understatement. Had it not been for Scott's program, I would probably still be looking at a bleak romantic future. Thank you, Scott!!!!!" — Toni


“I have listened to Scott and I have gotten great results from his advice, because my special lady friend really appreciates the romantic gestures that I have picked up from his reports. Thanks Scott!” —Dave




“There were moments my heart throbbed with reinvigorated excitement that my dream guy and all I desire he encompasses truly exists out there . . . is it crazy that I will make every man in pursuit of me read your book, as sort of a front gate entrance to my heart?!” —Crystal



“I would absolutely love it if my husband pulled the car aside, turned on my favorite song and we slow danced in the parking lot! It would be like we were kids again!” —Valerie





Public Speaking


At iDate 2019 — a dating services industry conference for online dating company owners, professional matchmakers, and dating and relationship coaches — in Delray Beach, FL with Amanda Bradford, Founder & CEO of The League, a popular online dating app for sophisticated singles.




Adventures | Personal Breakthroughs

  • Born 6 weeks premature with hyaline membrane disease and surviving
  • Bullied in middle school and high school (physically, verbally)
  • Caving in Missouri at Camp Kanakuk (scary AF)
  • Hot-air ballooning (our guide navigated us into a power line)
  • Mission Trip in Bamboo, Jamaica
  • Climbing Half Dome at Yosemite National Park
  • Widespread Panic New Year's Eve Concert at the Fox in Atlanta, GA
  • Hang-gliding at Lookout Mountain, TN
  • Living on a sailboat in the BVI for 3 weeks (sailing, scuba diving)
  • "Studying" abroad for 6 weeks in Puebla, Mexico
  • "Studying" abroad for 12 weeks in Granda and Madrid, Spain
  • Skydiving near Miami, FL
  • Being in the eye of a Category 5 Hurricane in Boca Raton, FL
  • Surfing (more like drowning) in Nicaragua
  • Fire-walking with Tony Robbins at UPW
  • White water rafting on the Veracruz River, Mexico
  • Game 3 of the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Finals: Go Predators!
  • Hiking Zion National Park near St George, UT
  • Loving hard, winning and losing, and extracting the lessons

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