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You're Here For A Reason If ...

If You Don't Understand How Attraction
Really Works, Then Finding, Meeting and Keeping Mr. Right Can Be Impossible ...

Like “trying to find a unicorn man who drives a flying car and owns a second home on a planet that’s both flat and round” kind of impossible. Until now. Other dating and relationship coaches, authors, and even many Ph.D.s and LPCs are still teaching outdated gender "roles" and courtship "rules" you already know don't work for you.

But not me. I’m here to show you what’s changed in recent years, how "attraction alignment" and "attraction sequencing" work, and what to do slightly differently to find, meet and keep a man you truly desire faster than you ever thought possible.

A male-female attraction (and strategic communication) expert with more than 20 years of experience studying the ins and outs of gender and behavioral psychology, brain science, the universal law of attraction and more, I’ll share with you the same insights my clients use to go from "a bleak romantic future" to "we're crazy about each other" in months, not years.

Waste more of your precious time and money on dating coaches, therapists or matchmakers who don't "get" your unique dating and mate selection challenges, and how to actually solve them? Not you. You’re smarter than that. I’m here to be the last dating and relationship coach you will ever need. And to ensure you Get The Guy You Want and the love you truly deserve.

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